Friday, October 13, 2006

The Red Kebaya

Last night was an exclusive preview of the upcoming movie "The Red Kebaya". Starring the who's who of the local theatre industry I was excited and nervous..... excited because I wanted to see the preview but nervous because this movie is the first movie I have appeared in!

The very private and exclusive affair was held at a lovely restaurant off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng called Ginger. Serves Thai food and has beautiful decor. In my mad rush to get there on time, braving the pre buka puasa traffic, I forgot to take my camera! But not to worry, I have these photos taken during the shooting of the movie last year.

On the set of "The Red Kebaya". Hair and make up done. Just playing with handphone while waiting for it to be time to change into costume.

Like I said, I was nervous when the preview started. Where they going to show my scenes? They did! I look very different to my usual Explorace host self ok!!! But that's a good thing... I should.. cause in the movie I am a super bitchy joget dancer!

After watching the preview, I myself cannot wait to see the movie. The cinematography is beautiful, the special effects are amazing and the acting is polished.

It opens in cinemas on the 23rd of November. You must see it. I promise you, this movie is worth the time and money. To read more about it, visit There is a trailer shown on the website... a very short one... we saw a 15 minute one last night....

In my costume made by Shamsu of Margaret McCallum. This dress has the most gorgeous cut!

On the set of the backstage of the joget club scene

The movie's premiere is to be held on the 22nd of November.... Will keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

hello shasha...

im kash - we met masa di red kebaya buka puasa last 2 days. i write blog too. thinking of tegur you masa kat event tuh tapi cam segan sikit. hahaha... btway luv ur acting, luv red kebaya too. do keep in touch!! (",)


Anonymous said...

dear shasha...

i hv some of ur photos taken during the buka puasa last wk. will appreciate if u can gv ur e-mail then i'll send it back to ya asap. tq


mukeh said...

Expectantly, The Red Kebaya will achieve great response from all.

It is indeed a very nice moment to meet all of you there at the exclusive preview of The Red Kebaya.


Muid Latif said...

Sasha, it was nice meeting you. I also got your pictures inside my photo gallery. Feel free to drop by at

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Best Regards,
Muid Latif

fedzz said...

once i open the red kebaya site, the background music stuck into my heart, i love it, dunno why, but it really a great music..
i seems i can't wait to see you in the red kebaya. :)