Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Coloured Painting

Several people have shown interest and been surprised when they find out that I enjoy painting. Even more flattering, they seem to really like them! But I'm always asked..."Only black and white paintings?" I have done 2 coloured paintings. My biggest painting is actually a coloured one about one metre long and 4 feet high... Done almost 3 years ago now. It's hanging in a friends house and I don't have a picture. I've asked her to photograph it and email it to me.

The other one is the one below...

I did this one almost a year ago. For my Explorace promo, they wanted to shoot all the different activities I enjoy doing. So I specifically did this painting for the promo and I was recorded doing the finishing touches on the painting. I completed the painting in one night. It's not that big. About 3 feet by 4 feet. No title... Can't think of one... But the form of the three organic shapes in the centre is based on the shape of lilies (my favourite flower, I just love their smell!) and abstracted..

Once I have a photo of the other one, I will show that too...
By the way, Schizo didn't come home for 2 nights after that heavy rain. When she did, we noticed she had a cut on her leg and mouth... No idea how she got it... And now Kira has been missing for two days..
Why do they do this to us????!!!!! Sigh!!!!

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