Tuesday, February 05, 2013

SWATCH watch for Chinese New Year of the Snake 2013

I have just started rediscovering the funky styles of SWATCH watches. When I was still in school, a SWATCH was THE COOLEST watch to have and everyone wished for one for their birthday and if someone was lucky enough to get one, they would definitely be showing it off in school as soon as they could.

With Chinese New Year coming up very soon, in conjunction with the year of the water snake, SWATCH has released a beautiful unisex watch.

The design is inspired by The Legend of the White Snake. This legend is one of the most famous tales that has captured the imagination of people for over a thousand years. I will share with you the story as written in the booklet that comes with the watch.

'the tale goes that a thousand year old white snake who through centuries of meditation and self discipline, has managed to attain human form disguised as a beautiful woman. She meets a green snake who causes disasters in the area she lives. White snake defeats green snake and develops a bond with her.

In a visit to China's famous West Lake, together with her soul sister, white snake meets her life savior's reincarnation, Xu Xian. Xu is a charming young scholar and becoming husband and wife soon after falling in love at first sight. Soon after white snake becomes pregnant. As their happy life together begins, an evil minded monk named Fa Hai who will not allow the coexistence of human and evil spirits, tries to separate them and traps white snake under the Leifing Pagoda at the bank of the West Lake. After that, Xu becomes a monk and prays for white snake everyday.

Many years later, after gaining the title of first honored imperial scholar, white snake's son offers offers sacrifice for his mother in front of the Leifing Pagoda. God is moved by his actions and makes the pagoda collapse, which enables the family to reunite and live happily ever after. '

If u look closely at the face of the watch you will see that one hand is shaped like a green snake and another like a white snake. A nice touch inspire by the story.

SWATCH watches become collected items over time and special editions like this one are must haves for any SWATCH lovers collections.

You will be seeing me wearing this watch while I am hosting The Breakfast Show on NTV7. :)

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