Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The perfect gentleman by Imran Ahmad

This morning on the breakfast show I had the privilege of interviewing Imran Ahmad, author of the book The Perfect Gentleman. He really is a gentleman and after reading his book I also know he is a hopeless romantic, learnt unconditional love from an animal (a rabbit to be precise), would love to be like James Bond ( I am guessing he has an enviable gentleman's wardrobe - classic but sharp suits and crisp shirts and elegant ties with shiny shoes) and his spiritual journey that he shares is insightful. I am sure many people have asked themselves similar questions in their journey through life . It's also very sad to read at some points about the racist verbal abuse he experiences while growing up as an immigrant in London. So have a read of this book which is available at local bookstores and as Imran mentioned on the show this morning, he is working on the sequel to this book which reveals the experiences which lead him to being the gentleman he is today.

Now that is a book I am looking forward to read. Don't take too long to write it!

Imran autographed my copy of his book and I also gave him a copy of my Dansa book.

Go to the NTV7 breakfast show Facebook page to find out how you can win one of five autographed copies of the book too.

Next memoir I want to read is the one by Grace Coddington- Vogue's legendary fashion editor. Have to order it online soon.

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