Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pictures while shooting singgah sahur in Pangkor

A really scary decoration at the entrance at one of the fishermen's houses.
I think it's a blow fish.

A really basic petrol station. no shell or petronas from what i could see.

Interviewing one of the fishermen

View from the fishing village

buying ayam percik at the ramadan bazaar which only had about 20 stalls.

yum yum

view from my hotel room

we also went to a balai bomba and this is what the inside of a fire truck looks like. this is where they sit and the tanks have oxyen which they wear if they need to go inside a burning building.

standing in front if the fire truck

at about 1 am, we boarded 3 fishing boats which took us out to the middle of the sea off pangkor island wherewe had sahur with the fishermen on the boat.

many were trying to control their sea sickness to avoid from throwing up in front of everybody.
I was ok, surprisingly! usually I am one of the first few to throw up! Just ask the Dansa crew!

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Khairuzzaman Mohammad, said...

ya right..ur the first to throw up..only this time for sure u sembunyi at the back of the boat kan?? cover line