Saturday, August 14, 2010

Behind the scenes pics from photo shoot

the studio before we started

the stylist, Shah adding the accessories to the geisha wig

This is the actual geisha wig i wore while shooting Dansa in Japan.

some extra accessories i brought, just in case

The kimono on the right is also the one I wore while shooting Dansa in Japan and the one on the left is one I bought in the shopping centre next to the hotel we were staying .

I bought these umbrellas in the geisha area of Kyoto. I remember when I bought them, the Dansa crew asked me, 'You beli ni, you nak bawa pergi mana? Balik K.L still nak maintain jadi geisha ke?'

'Tak, nak beli just in case one day nak buat photo shoot.'

Well, today was that day and we used all of the umbrellas, kimonos and the wig I brought back from Japan.

Photos are due to be published in September.
Will share pics here when they are ready!

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Jay Ismail said...

!!hahahahaha!!!this is a long time planned event!

looking forward to see the results..shot by bibo eh?