Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crystal Renn - an inspiration

I remember flipping through the pages of a magazine and found myself staring at a girl who was not the usual super thin models that you see in magazines. I thought to myself, 'hmmmmm interesting... she looks good but I never thought a fashion magazine would use someone who is much bigger.... but she's a normal healthy size! '

I then found out that she is becoming a hugely successful and popular 'plus sized' model.

Oh my God, she is normal sized not plus sized!

I bought her book titled 'Hungry', a biography where she shares about how she was first spotted by a talent agency and said she would be a great model, BUT she would need to lose weight first. And so her struggle with anorexia began until one day, even after exercising 8 hours a day for months and eating not much more than lettuce and coke, she snapped and wanted to quit.

Below are pics of when she was anorexic

The 2 covers of her book

Luckily the agency recommended her to a plus sized modelling agency who nurtured her and look at her now. She even modelled for Karl Lagerfeld's lastest Chanel Fashion Show.

I am so inspired by her. I wish there were more models like here featured in magazines.

To read more about her and see more pics, go to http://www.crystalrenn.com/

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Wangi74 said...

Lettuce and coke..what a mad modelling world.