Thursday, May 28, 2009

With genius Kenneth Goh, stylist of Harper's Bazaar

Stylist Kenneth Goh was of course at the event too and was wearing a Burberry suit, while I wore a Dior suit. I thought I would try a slightly different look than a dress for an event....

I asked Kenneth, 'Is my styling ok? I didn't want to look too military so tried to add a bit of glam factor to it..'

Kenneth replied... ' Nice, you did well, the earrings make the outfit..'

'I tried really hard not to have a red handbag cause i think it's a bit too matching-matching cause of the red stripe and also bit boring and predictable, but I don't have anything else that would go with it...' I continued

'I can understand why you were trying not to use red, it's not a bad choice, but something else could have been better...' he replied...

I then spent quite a while asking him for tips on fashion styling!

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