Sunday, May 31, 2009

lord derbyshire and loco


Mr & Mrs Naza said...

so cuteeeeeeee...love3!

akuladiva said...

Sasha, I have 4 cats and all of them used to wear collar. Ever since last Wednesday incident, I'd decided to thrown the collars away as my Tompok's collar got stuck at his jaw and caused bleeding (poor him, his white fur was soaked with blood... sob.. sob)and injuries at his chin and mouth. Rushed to emergency that night and the doctor said it purely a 'KES MALANG'. He's on medication and improving. As such, I would like to give you a piece of advice, throw away all the collars to avoid the 'KES MALANG' like mine to happen. Luv you.

MsPea said...

akuladiva, I face the same problem putting a collar to my cat. all of my cats are not collar tolerate and it would be my biggest obstacle to really pujuk them to wear one. And it usually last for the longest about 15 minutes, and they start to bite the collar, its like to pull it off from the neck.. itulah yang menjadikannya stuck di jaw mereka. but thankful they are safe coz I really keep my eyes on them if i give it a try putting the collars on them. now I give up pakaikan collar utk mereka. I hope your Tompok will get well soon.

I need to ask anyone who has an advice, how to prevent the cat hair loss. I found 2 of my cats have a great problem with their hair loss.And they actually like sleeping together in my room at night., bangun pagi bulu mereka banyak di lantai bilik. Advice anyone?

Sasha, I like the 1st photo the most... sooo like teins...comel betul!

akuladiva said...

Ms.Pea and to all cat lovers out there. Hair loss is caused by lack of certain vitamines/minerals in your cats. I'm facing the problem right now and would advise the name of the supplement that I'm currently using soon (you just need to pump or add-in the paste into their food). You can choose to buy either the RM27.00 or the RM44.00. I'm using the RM27.00.

Milo Skilos said...


dear kesian kucing u. urm..can you check if they are suffering from fungus infection or ringworm, that too can cause balding on cats. you can buy medicated shampoo specfically to get rid of ringworm or fungal. if you have no idea, then bring the cat to vet and let the vet check it.

if the balding is not in circles spot, then probably they are in stress or lack of nutriens. consider some daily vitamins and cod liver oil supplements for them.
it will not only minimise the coat shedding but make the fur looks healthy shine.

about the collar thing, depends on our kitties. coz just like human being, each of the cat have their own personality n tolerancy in adapting to the owner life culture.

all my cats so far are all collar tolerants.if your cats not comfortable in them. then take them out.

personally my cats' collar serve them with a purposed coz i put my contact info printed on the collar just in case my cat accidently get lost in someone elses house. they are indoor cats,but sometimes, they manage to linger outside of the house.


sihat nya kucing you!!! :)

darling8tabby said...

semua comel2...and geram2...