Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The things we do for our cats....

I know there are many people out there who just love their cats so much and totally spoil them and do everything they can to look after them well...

Here are some ACTUAL stories from people I know on the things they have done for their cats...

Story One
My friend arrives home to see their apartment building on fire. His first thought... his cat. He ran into the building, ran up 8 flights of stairs through the smoke (the fire was on the sixth floor) and grabbed his cat and a backpack to put him in to keep him safe. Luckily the fire was contained to just two apartments. My friend's apartment, all his belongings and most importantly, he and his cat, are all safe. But he gets many gold stars from me for running into a burning building to get his cat out to safety.

Story Two
Another friend spent RM 6000 on chemotherapy for her cat who had cancer. She lived an extra 3 years because of the treatment, which was all worth it for her.

Story Three
My Mum's friend found a cat here in Malaysia. A warung cat. When she had to move back to New York, she took the cat with her. The following is from an email she sent my mum recently about her cat..

"Our Malaysian cat had a rash on her neck so we decided to take her to the vet. We put her in her carrier and off we went in the car. A few days later she came down with a cold; sneezing and runny eyes. It lasted about a week. She's fine again and the rash is also gone. We forget that she is a Malaysian tropical cat who doesn't like the cold. She has two electric beds in the house so she can stay warm without problem, but we really need to be careful about exposing her to the outdoors in winter.'

Not bad for a Malaysian warung cat huh?! Now living in New York with not one but two electric beds all to herself !!!

Story Four
This is someone my brother new. He was living in Brazil with his wife when they decided to move to Malaysia. A few months before leaving, a stray cat appeared and wouldn't leave. They felt sorry for it, fed it and though they tried really hard not to let it into their lives, this cat eventually started sleeping in their bed. When the time came for them to move to Malaysia, with a heavy heart and very reluctantly they gave it to a friend and came here. Within just a few weeks, the wife was depressed and crying because she missed the cat. Can you guess what the husband did?

He flew back to Brazil to bring the cat to Malaysia.


Jay Ismail said...

lucky cat..from malaysian now change to new yorker..hahaha

Anonymous said...

Oh Sasha
And i thought I'm the only person who would give up everything for my cats. They mean the whole world to me. There's a stray cat always wandering around my house. Initially, she was very defensive and run away everytime I want to pet her. I named her Miu Miu :) But i feed her everyday. She turned out to be pregnant and I was there (jadi mak bidan) when she gave birth. When I see her in pain, I feel so helpless. And she gave birth to 3 cute kitties ( and one of them has a birth defect, his hind legs are weak. and he moves by using his front legs and slide forward). They are about a month old now and very adventurous :) Tiger (the one with the disability) is truly a fighter. He would never let his disability to hinder him from joining his siblings from climbing trees or venturing into the 'parit'. So inspirational, isn't it?
And Miu Miu is very 'manja' now. Maybe she know already that I love her dearly :)

--being Maneesa-- said...

that would be the first i heard!
local cat now turn new yorker.

if you are a cat lover i guess thats the extra mile that you would go for them :)
(i have to confess that my family and i spend quite a sum in building a two storey cat house for the 8cats at home)

Sabrina Optimus Prime said...

my cats took 30% off of my salary...for food & cat litter..that will buy me a pair of nine west! huhuhu... i love them anyway, with all my heart and money ! Hahah!

darling8tabby said...

yup ..cat lover indeed :)

MsPea said...

Wow., so amazing stories of cats.. I have too many to tell, but one I notice about cat is, some good things will come to us if we really sincere taking a good care of the cat. We talk and treat them like a human being and they actually understand us, just like a human being.
You can try, whisper on their ears, and ask them to pray the wishes for you, they actually do!! amazing kan.

tajudin said...

Kids - Hanis/Hanaa miss their cat (Friday) very very much. Tragic death.

Milo Skilos said...

wow. i love ur posting today. :)

cats is magical/mythical to me.eventhough they are animal, i felt that they able to understand us and can communicate with us in their own way.

i dont need to go to spas to release my stress. just watch my cats playing and pampering them makes me feel so easy n calm.

if u have time to post picture,may we see miu miu and her kittens photo. can we? please...hehehe

rapheydhillo said...

I also cannot sleep if my Cik Bella is not by my side;-)

Nor Atiqah said...

aww.i miss my cat :(