Tuesday, March 10, 2009

new collections..

every day, i log onto style.com to see the latest pics from the fall winter 09 fashion shows...

and so far, i don't find any of the collections that exciting...

maybe i'm jaded or have too many other things on my mind at the moment.

There are a few new designers this season for a few familiar labels. Michael Dundas is with Pucci. He has given his first collection a real rock look and feel... i don't like it...

Fendi's collection not practical for our weather. Dior, Lanvin and Chanel all look similar to their previous collections...

Maybe this is a good thing. I don't feel like breaking my bank account to buy anything.

go to style.com to look at all the pics. it's a great website to go to when you don't want to do things you're supposed to be doing. :)


-f-l-o- said...

When I don't want to do things I'm supposed to be doing, I blog hop.

Hi Sasha, it has been a while since I dropped by. We were supposed to 'terserempak' in London, Autumn 2007 (I think!).

I found it a bit disturbing when you wanted to be toned like Madonna but now I'm eating my words.

I am not sure about the dieting bit. I find it helps a lot if I take protein food (ikan, telur ayam, etc) because they tend to toned the muscles much quicker compared to less eating diet.

Yes, we need a lot of hard work. But since I can't sacrifice Starbucks and chocolate, I need a harder work! :P

Have a good day.


cacah said...

it's good if you find all those things are not up to your taste. u can save money. hehe.


i wish i could watch dansa dear. but i missed all episodes so far.