Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gucci Spring Summer

dress from Gucci runway spring summer 2007 collection with the first
designer hand bag i ever bought

Yesterday I went to a private Gucci event at the pavillion. When I walked in, the first thing I noticed was the beautiful green dress worn by one of the models....

and the shoes! High heels just seem to be getting. well, higher!

The Spring Summer collection was kind of what I expected it to be... some nice prints, very wearable clothes, Beautiful shades of green and blue that was even used in the menswear.

Friend - Dia makan apa ah dapat kaki panjang macam tu?

Me - Entahlah... kalau I tahu, I pun makan sekali!

Friend - Baju cantik, tapi dengan harga baju ke bag ni, I boleh buat downpayment kereta!

Me - Sabarlah.... tunggu lah big sale...70% off ke.... that's what i always do!

None of the bags really grabbed my attention, i still like Gucci during the Tom Ford era the most!

I wonder if he will ever design womenswear again... anything is possible I suppose...

Oh, by the way, all of my fahionista readers.... remember the cool designer Phoebe Philo? She took over as creative director after Stella Mccartney at Chloe (she worked with Stella at Chloe while Stella was still creative director) and with her designs, Chloe became one of the most anticipated runway shows and collections every season. She resigned abruptly after her baby was born to spend time with her, but now...she's coming back! As head designer of Celine. Celine is a brand with not a very strong brand DNA, giving Phoebe Philo room to grow and revamp the brand. She was supposed to show her first show this March, but now we'll have to wait til Octoer to see what she does. I think she will still work with the flowy, casual chic look that she gave to chloe, but with a slightly more mature feel. She is after all a mother now and a working woman.

I heard Valentino in Starhill will be closing down... not sure how true this is... I also heard Chrsitian Louboutin will be opening a store here. Hmmmmm, not sure if now is a good time to do that, cause all the high end brands are feeling the pich of the economic recession. One of my friends who works at one of expensive design brands told me that last year, he could sell up to 20 bags a day, now he's lucky to do that in a week. Even if Louboutin does open up here, I don't actually know how well it will sell. Many people will want the shoes (including me!) but the prices are high. Jimmy Choo in KLCC I don't think is selling too well. I saw a whole wall full of shoes on 60% off and they still were not selling. Again, prices too high.

The prices of Anya Hindmarch bags I feel are becoming too high. At the rate she's going, in a few years, a bag may cost almost $10,000.

Warehouse sales, Ebay and second hand shops are still the best way to get you designer fix!


Milo Skilos said...

true. esp when more and more ppl are more fashion savvy not too brand oriented, they will create their own personal style without depending and following the trends too too much.

They will go for anything high quality regardless the brands,but work brilliantly for their personal styles to create their own style.

anyway, if you are adventurous, just approach our local designer and make something uniquely yours at an much affordable price :)

Obefiend said...

i love the shoes. very Rihanna and Gwyneth circa iron man premiere.


i love your dress.. its very cute!

Jay Ismail said...

hey..i knoe these girls~!! ..

eh..when wanna shoot again boss.?


Hisyam Shafie said...

hi.sorry for disturbing.
is there any gucci's sale in malaysia??i knew there is in singapore.but never know in malaysia.
ps/sasha,i'm your fan!!
i watched you theatre last time.
cant remember what was it.the one that u and nurul ajai in the same part!