Monday, March 23, 2009

My baby Loco is a big boy!

I took Loco to see Hasnul, our dear vet on Sunday.

Hasnul - How old is he?
Me - Hmmmmm... about six months..
Hasnul - you sure?

Me - let me think...actually, 5 months... why?

Hasnul - He's big for his age..

Me - you mean he's fat?!

Hasnul - no, i wouldn't say fat...just big...

Me - so how?

Hasnul - it's ok for now... his growing might slow down, or he'll be a big cat...

Me - you mean fat?

ul - no, just big..

So my little baby Loco might end up being the biggest cat in my house! That is going to cause problems! But he is such a sweet personality. Starts purring every time anyone pats him, still loves to be carried..he may look like an older cat, but he is still a kitten yang suka manja. :)


izanazuani said...

Adoiii! Sgt cumil la si Loco. Mine is Beauty & Big. Very the manja ones...

Milo Skilos said...

comel lah loco...pandai you jaga kucing kan..sihat.

i think hes just a big kitten.

suka tgk muka dia, pakai topeng mcm catwomen :)

darling8tabby said...

adorable & handsome la..heheh

Obefiend said...

he might be the biggest bu we all know Lord Derbyshire has the best moustache. time to get him a mini monocle. then post the pic at LOLCATS!