Tuesday, March 10, 2009

better now..

fever is gone.. now just a dry cough...which is just annoying...

some days i can't help but feel so down with everything that is going on. it costs money to do everything and anything in this world. but there is not a lot of money around at the moment. Everyone from big companies to individuals are really jaga duit at the moment. and my uncle in australia like many other victorians are struggling to rebuild their lives after the devastation of the fires.

just the other night while discussing a few projects with my best friend which all require sponsorship, we were thinking of different people or companies who may be interested.

"what about asking xxxxxx"

"hmmm, don' think so " i reply

"why not? doesn't the wife have like five birkin bags in different colours and makes regular shopping trips to london?"

"yes, but when it comes to helping out in projects like this, can be quite kedekut.."

"really?! so sad...."

yes it is sad.... there are times when i have been at private dinners and listen to the women talk about how busy they are... "tomorrow, i have to call the gardener, make sure my driver picks up dry cleaning, go for manicure and do my hair"..

wow... what hard work. when i hear things like that, i think of all my colleagues who work soooooo hard to earn a living for themselves and their families. the camera crew of tv3 who never cease to amaze me with how hard they work. carrying lights and equipment in both the rain and sun.

and for me, i am the biggest bargain hunter of designer items ever, thank god for ebay and second hand shops! and warehouse sales too! everything at full price is just ridiculously expensive.

and today, i have to organise a photo shoot and do more scripting for voice over this thursday, and prepare for a meeting on friday morning.

but as i have always believed, as long as i am alive and healthy (forget about the cough for a moment) I can do something with myself and my life. There is always so much to be thankful for.

Just can be so tiring sometimes how hard we have to work at everything. Don't you agree?


illey_ILlogiCal said...

i pun batuk2..ntah bile la nak elok,,,

Lois Lane said...

I understand how you feel about the finance bit. I work for an NGO, and my employment depends on projects that I get, which are funded by donors/grants. No donor, no project. No project, no job. We have budget cuts since last year, but I still feel so lucky I still have a job, although it's at least for now. Lots of people are losing their jobs due to the crappy economy now.

Khairuzzaman Mohammad, said...

I rasa terharu...this is for first time u wrote about kesedihan or how hard cameraman TV3 work..thankz a lot..is it for me?
But honest Melly..that we call "dunia akhir zaman" people wont care about what they do day before..they care only abt themself for tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you Sasha, at times I feel really exhausted tending to my own life.There's so much to do even for yourself let alone for others.But thank God I haven't stopped caring....