Friday, February 13, 2009

Sneak pics of Linda and Que's wedding...

Above is a detail on one of the dresses Linda is wearing... I think this one is the bersanding dress.

The chandelier at the centre of the pelamin...

The white flowers decorating the pelamin..

While I was waiting for the meeting after rehearsals end, I started to remove my make up from the magazine shoot earlier, took off my false eyelashes, put them on one of the plates on the table, added the bow brooch to the top, and put my necklace I wore at the shoot earlier around it.

Come back early Sunday morning for pics from Linda Jasmine's and Que Haidar's wedding!

And don't forget to watch DANSA at 5 pm, Saturday.
Scroll down for DANSA - Episode 4 competition question.

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