Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I watched your show!

Arisha - SASHA!!! I watched your show on tv!!!

Me - You did?! Great! I have something I want to give you but everybody else who gets this has to answer a few questions correctly first...You want to try?

Arisha - OK!

Me - What's the name of my tv show?

Arisha - DANSA!

Me - What do I do in the show?

Arisha - You dance!

Me - YAY!!! Here is your present...

Arisha - Thank you!

As you can see from the picture above, as soon as she got the DANSA t-shirt and notebook, she asked me to put it on her and to take a picture. And after the picture was taken, she conteng-conteng, lukis-lukis and tulis-tulis in the book... :)

Come back tomorrow (Friday) for DANSA Episode 3 competition question! :)

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Snowwhite Zone said...

i love her hair...