Thursday, January 15, 2009

TELL magazine - JANUARY issue

Remember the photo shoot I did about two months ago where I said I changed outfits about 13 times? Well, all the hard work was for TELL magazine's January issue and it is out now! Yay!

This cover story also shares for the first time in detail about the travel documentary that I have been working on for the past 1 year - a dance documentary titled -

There is a 12 page article inside with lots of great pictures which were shot at Carcosa and also some pictures from DANSA.

The picture below is the inside cover of the magazine.

I really wanted to take a photo on the main staircase at Carcosa. Why? Because Cindy Crawford, someone I totally admire, took a shot on this exact same staircase when she was here in Malaysia a few years ago during her photo shoot with Harper's Bazaar.

To my Malaysian readers, please buy a copy of TELL! Support our local industry and magazines!

To my international readers, I will put up the photos as they appear inside the magazine soon.

The details of the DANSA competition on this blog site will be announced next Friday, 23rd January 2009. There is exclusive DANSA merchandise to be won!


AiZa'S said...

Superb and well done sasha!
Lov the dress, the pose and all!
Definately will rush over borders asap to get a copy of mine..
wish i can get signatures of yours on it!!
Again...superbbbbb! well done!

the Razzler said...

Dear Sasha..

Classy!! That's the word that came to my mind when I laid eyes on the pic!! :) :)

n.i. said...

Fabulosity, Malaysian version! ;-)

well done!

ERman said...

I love the first photo. The yellow tulle full gown is by who??

akuladiva said...


Harry's said...

perghh!! class gitu..

sheelasheena said...

love the pose and the dress.
Nice shot. Lovely pictures...

style always with u

Obefiend said...

i just came back from BUDIEY's blog

i saw a picture of you in a traditional iban costume

that picture is super nice!