Sunday, October 12, 2008

Some pics from Raya

my cousin's wife knows how to use henna, so my sister, my mother, little Aryssha and myself made sure we got our hands decorated

I LOVE POP POP! It's not so easy for me to find them nowadays..

Yes Raya food is more towards dishes like rendang and ketupat, but in my family we still want some form of chocolate!

My sister and I started educating Aryssha early about some of the most iconic people of the world. She now knows who Audrey Hepburn is! Next time we see her, I'm going to tell her about Marilyn Monroe...


nanafarhanna said...

Here at monash uni gippsland, we got a lot of indian/pakistani/bangladeshi ppl, who are also Muslims.

During iftar few weeks ago, this indian girl bring her henna tube and started to draw beautiful henna designs for 5 dolar each hand. I was too shy to ask anyway so i didnt do it. I think she was only 15, and she can draw such designs in only a few minutes!

Definitely gonna try the henna thingy once i got back XD

Abby ♥ Aidilfitri said...

cantiknya henna tu, raya raya pon pakai henna, sure meriah semua, hehe

bunga api/mercun POP tu dahmahal sekarang ni kan. Tapi best kenakan org, kalau lempar kat makcik2 yg melatah lagi best. hehe,jahattt

Harry's said...

ingatkan Sasha yang kawin tadi...hehehe