Wednesday, October 22, 2008

my latest runway piece addition to my wardrobe...

I just received this gorgeous pink lanvin dress!

It's a runway piece from the fall winter 2007 collection.

Last night I spent ages trying it on with different belts and shoes. I remember when I earned less than what this dress cost in a month, so I want to make sure that I can wear it quite a few times!

Again as compared to the model and mischa barton who wore it in a photo shoot, the dress is to below the knee on me which I much prefer.

I feel like a barbie doll when I wear this dress, cause of the colour and and the ruffles!
Now just waiting for an opportunity to wear it!
Margarita, I think you will love this dress!


butterbrownie said...

sasha u lucky girl ! ;) i think u should do a post on chic office wear ;p especially for those in the legal profession hihihi..all these boring suits and pants are bad for my soul ! ;)

Malaywood said...

bless you, sasha! lanvin bebeh.
you go girl!

Anonymous said...

ouh that is one gorgeous dress...tak sabar nak tgk macamana u 'fashion' kan the dress~

Margarita said...

lol. right you are sash. =)
it looks really cool and is absolutely 'pretty in pink'!
i hope something fab comes along soon that u can wear this to.
miss you!