Monday, October 20, 2008


"Apa benda you cakap ni?!" Fadli asks me as we are discussing details of the documentary...

"Kenapa you tak faham?" I ask

"Apa benda kat dalam mulut you tu? Braces dah letak eh?"


"Macam mana nak buat voice over nanti?"

"Entah lah.... it's going to take time..."

"ha ha ha ha ha!!! Aduh..... tak tahu lah apa akan jadi..."

So although no one can actually see my braces unless I open my mouth wide, look up and point to them, it's obvious I've got something in my mouth cause of the way I talk...

I'm going to have to delay putting in the bottom row of braces.... at least until i don't sound like someone with a speech problem. It is so frustrating because my job depends so much on speaking clearly.

Unless you are super vain, don't bother getting braces...

while out with a friend for dinner just now, i choked on spinach because as I was trying to chew it, it got stuck in one of the braces and I couldn't swallow it properly, so I choked. so not fun!


butterbrownie said...

hang in there sasha..braces are like bad breakups..itll be better in time..the thingy remains but ull get used to it so much that ull forget its there hihi

princessanna said...

sasha... it really takes times until you ll really get use to the braces and until u wd be able to speak and sound as normal as u uses to.. try not to think of the braces, u wud learn it even faster..

juliana said...

hi sasha... oh so funny, i just spoke to you last few days and i didnt see any braces!! :) good job done... now if i see you again, im gonna be staring at your mouth and that's gonna look weird :) see you soon!! :)

braces is not fun, i had mine when i was young... but its so worth the pain :)


Harry's said...

tak nak update with pic gigi yg dah taruk braces ker? ..mesti senyum menawan cam iklan Darlie nanti..hehehe