Thursday, October 23, 2008

MEDIA PRIMA open house

Nubhan singing on stage in the morning. On the right, the guy with the camera, is Mr Manager!

Cantik tak baju Mr Manager pakai?! I gave it to him as a birthday present!

Nurul and Faizal hosting the morning segment.

Tabah, Aidit and my producer Fadli talking about......hmmmm.. I don't know actually!

for reasons i do not understand, Tabah couldn't pakai his own sampin, so he had to ask Aidit for help. :)

The always charismatic Ally Iskandar!
Zul and Man...

The cendol was the easiest thing for me to eat because of my braces which Mr Manager wanted me to open my mouth and take a picture of and i said no... :)

cupcakes served in trays with the producer of the breakast show in the background..


Nubhan came back again later to shoot a show... He sang beautifully..

Man was one of the cameraman..

Nubhan and Anuar Zain posing for pictures with fans.

My co-actor in 5 JINGGA, Hunny Madu.

More friendly faces... :)

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Harry's said...

kuat tul la Lan Pet Pet ni melahap...licin pinggan tu..hahahaha

ilovebudu said...

halamak ABC tu lama xmakan siot...adui coklat cair melelh tg..sedap tul

yeahjamal said...

hani madu!!! muahahhahaha

[ LADYKiKi] said...

sampaikan salam buat elly iskandar.. hikss