Monday, April 21, 2008

(this posting will only make sense and be interesting for CSI fans and viewers)

WHOOOOOAAA! Sara Sidle has left CSI! And she was very brave to make an exit the way that she did, I am obviously referring to the very public kiss she gave the love of her life, Grissom in full view of everyone in the lab. Poor girl, she must be so tortured. But you know how in Sunday's episode, she said in her letter to Grissom that while she was under that car out in the dessert, she was haunted by images and she needs to go and confront them to be able to move on with her life? Well, I don't remember any visual references being made during that episode. So I don't quite understand what she is talking about.

I wonder how Grissom is going to respond to this. Will he chase after her? Will he try to find her?

I do like how in this last episode that Sara's obviously become jaded with the job when she was confronted with that horrific case of domestic abuse where the wife has a knife in her back.

As for CSI Miami, Gary Sinise's character, Mac is another troubled soul haunted by his past. I feel sorry for that British accent girl. Is her name Peyton? Or Claire?

And CSI Miami has got to be the most unrealistic of all 3. Why would you wear white pants, a really tight shirt with the buttons undone so low down that you can see their assets with your beautifully blow dried hair flowing in the wind while you check out dead bodies in strange places. And usually, they are wearing high heels too.

If I worked in CSI, I would wear black plastic like pants with big jacket and those rubber boots that people who work in fields wear. My hair will be up in a bun and I would wear no jewellery. I would still wear my huge bug like sunglasses though.

I'm so looking forward to the upcoming episodes.

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sHA said...

Hey Sasha, good review..
Btw, her name is Peyton. Claire is his ex-wife. U know it rite, died on September 11.
Don't u think it's a cool episode to see Mac and H working back together? I think last time I watch them work together in season 2...
So, keep watching ya..n blogging..:)

Poppins said...

Gary Sinise is in CSI NY :)

sheell said...

saw ur advert for Olay at Cleo.. beautiful!

enjoy CSI too

misS myA said...

Sara's images that she wrote in her letter to Grissom was not shown in the episode when she was at the dessert. Maybe the images keep coming in her mind (which cannot been shown). Sara was coming from a broken family. She was an adopted children. She still cannot forget her dad. Maybe that is what she tried to said. But I like Sara so much.Sad to see her leave the team.

Umi Mia said...

Thanks for the review...I mis that episode (CSI-LV)...