Wednesday, April 23, 2008

new clothes..

I only have about a month before I have to start travelling again to shoot the last 5 episodes of my new documentary. In that time I have so much to do that sometimes I don't even know where to start.

I have enjoyed going to One Utama and Pavillion after work to check out all of the new clothes and accessories coming in. Big bold bright colours are everywhere and so are floral prints. I just bought another evening dress. It's emerald green from MNG. As if I don't have enough evening dresses that have not been worn yet. And I tried on 2 pieces from the latest Kate Moss for TopShop collection which I can't stop thinking about. Good news is that it means I must really like it cause I can't stop thinking about it. Bad news is that now I have to calculate to see if I can afford it. I hate shopping budgets.

I haven't bought a pair of shoes in 4 months though! That is definitely a record for me.

Tonight my sister and I are going to watch CSI together. I'm interested to see Grissoms reaction to Sara's departure.

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