Friday, April 25, 2008

Launch of P&G Beauty Hair Spa

Last night I attended the launch of the P&G Beauty Hair Spa at the Pavillion. One of the first few familiar faces I saw when I arrived was Daphne Iking who looked fabulous as always.

Me - Why are you complaining you are so fat after giving birth?! You look great!

Daphne - Got lah! HERE! (she says while poking her non existent stomach)

Me - Stupid woman....

She was standing by backstage with several other familiar faces in gorgeous gowns.

As part of the event there was a fashion show with clothes by Khoon Hooi and Syaiful Baharim.
Khoon Hooi's clothes were fun with blocks of colour and a little bit funky.

For me though, as someone who always prefers long flowing evening wear, I really loved Syaiful Baharim's creations. I must wear one of his pieces sometime.

There were many P&G products on display and of course that includes the range of OLAY products.

The P&G Beauty Hair Spa will be open today (Friday), Saturday and Sunday at the Pavillion. If you have the chance, you should go and check it out!


zeti zainal said...

Hi Sasha!!
Good to see back in action!
All the best for your new documentary..

P/s: Just to let you know, I didn't manage to have 25 pairs of shoes when I turned 25 last Feb. Damn.

ian said...

Hi nice blog.. check out for the latest from Syaiful Baharim demi-couture. From the author