Sunday, July 29, 2007

WAO exhibition at Rimbun Dahan

Last night (Saturday) I went to an art exhibition held at Rimbun Dahan to raise funds for the Women's Aid Organisation.

I chose to wear
A ruffled skirt from Zara (on!), a long sleeved top which I bought for about 5 ringgit somewhere, a tan belt with diamante buckle found in a shop at One Utama and carried my Jimmy Choo bag...I felt like a living barbie doll in this outfit, probably cause of the ruffled skirt, but I like barbie dolls and also wished that the clothes I put on my barbie dolls as a kid were for me....

My favourite pieces at the exhibition were these mugs painted by artist Sandra Knuyt.

If I could, I would have bought them all!!!

The following is my favourite..

I found these two pieces wuite disturbing, however unfortunately they do reflect the life that some women live.... alone, without a voice and bound by circumstances...

Here are some of the other paintings on display that caught my attention......

There was also a beautiful performance by Rhythm in Bronze.

Spare a thought for women who are not as lucky as some of us...

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Anonymous said...

love love love this outfit. definitely suits your skin tone - you should consider wearing these colours more often, ivories and creams maybe with a liiiight baby blue.

you look more 'your age' too...!