Sunday, July 29, 2007

Beauty Secrets from the East - India

Incredible India!

In this next episode of Beauty Secrets, we highlight our trip to India..

It was absolutely fantastic.

I have always loved sarees but never bought one because I have no idea how to tie them so I'm terrified they will come undone and just fall down! The thought of all that fabric falling off me makes me cringe.

But my producer for the show really wanted to shoot me wearing a saree...

So we went to a shop, bought one and got the sales girls to teach me how to do it up...

"Belajar betul-betul! Esok you kena ikat sendiri untuk shooting!" (Learn properly! You're going to have to tie it all up your self tomorrow for shooting!) says the producer

And surprisingly, I learnt how to do it myself and could row a boat while wearing it and it didn't come undone either!

So now that I knew how to tie a saree myself, I bought 4 before I left! Some very Bollywood ones too! Haven't had a chance to wear them yet....

One of the places we stayed at is an old house in Cochin known as Koder House.

We also stayed on a house boat for one night which was amazing....

And of course their Aurvedic treatments were so relaxing...

While I was there, of course I bought a lot of local things. One of them was this bag.

A really colourful bag which I bought from a roadside stall to keep my things in while shooting.

Regular viewers of my show by now should have noticed that I say the same last line at the end of every episode.

After the India episode, email me at what is the last line/ tagline of every show, your full name, IC No, handphone number and address and if you've answered correctly, I will send you this bag!

I'm serious! Exactly the one you will see me carrying in a few scenes on the show.

You only have one hour after the show ends to email me the correct answer (9pm).

May I just clarify to my colleagues and friends at TV3 and Media Prima, this is for non employee viewers only. Thank you for understanding :)

I hope you enjoy watching the India episode of "Beauty Secrets from the East", on tonight, Monday 30th July, at 7.30pm, exclusively on TV3.

I look forward to receiving your emails.

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