Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sailor theme party !

For my son's very first birthday party, my family and I invited close friends and family to a sailor themed party. My sister and I as well as two close friends did all the arrangements and decorations. I bought a lot of items for the party from Tesco. My little boy's t shirt, pants and shoes as well as the mugs which we used as door gifts with chocolates inside, coloring pencils, banquet tables, toys as gifts for the children.....all from Tesco. I painted that big anchor which we hung on the wall, the red flags my friend kindly gave to me as they were leftover from an event he had, shells were decorations which we already had... So we didn't have to spend too much money to achieve this look. The beautiful cupcakes and personalized chocolate wrappers were made by my friend, colleague and co host on The Breakfast Show, Satira Diana through her cake and decorations business called Pearl Cakes Events. Can find more pictures on her Facebook page . The main birthday cake is from Coffee Bean. So if you ever want to do a sailor theme party, hopefully these pictures will inspire you. :)

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A Mixed Person said...

Soo purrty...wish I didnt miss it now...well done, as always