Thursday, January 03, 2013

MAC Fabulousness collection

MAC is one of my absolute favourite brand of cosmetics. I remember first hearing about it many years ago from Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina when I was doing shows with her. At the time, MAC wasn't even available in Malaysia yet. Now MAC is easily purchased in several shopping centres in Malaysia. I always look forward to the special collections they come up with. One of their most recent ones - Fabulousness - comes in really nice boudoir style casings which can also be used as clutches ! I really love the design of this , I think it's very chic, and the colours will suit most skin tones. There are eyeshadow sets, lip sets, brush sets... The one I have featured here is the sinfully chic face kit. This set contains warm bronze powder blush, neutral nude cream lipstick, a shimmery with light gold lip gloss, black liner and powder / blusher brush. There are two other sets called Divine Desire Quite Coral and Paramour Pink but I felt for me the colours in this set are most practical and natural. I really liked the brush sets too, waiting for a chance to go back and get a set. Good make up brushes are a very good investment. Buy the best you can afford, and you will have them for many many years. The make up artists at MAC are also very good and give very good advice. If you are ever not sure what to get, just ask. Happy shopping at MAC!

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Suzanna Ng said...

so cute. love this!