Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Cool car pencil boxes at Tesco

While I was shopping at Tesco recently, I saw all the items and goodies for going back to school. It brought back many memories to me of how every year before going back to school, there was a lot of thought put into which pencil box and school bag to choose to buy. Because we were all in school uniform , the only way to express out identity or 'level of coolness ' was with our choice of pencil box , school bag and watch. The pop swatch was THE coolest watch to have when I was in school. EVERYONE I was friends with in school wanted a pop swatch or a swatch watch for their birthday. And whoever did get one was the envy of everyone in the class when they wore it to school. I remember I saved up for months and months for my pop swatch and it was very funny when a few of my team mates who are on the magseven team (our show on NTV7) all have the same memories of what was cool in school and were telling each other what kind of watches, bags and pencil boxes we had. So when I saw these really cool car pencil boxes in four different colours at Tesco, I bought all of them! If I was still in school I would have begged my mum or dad to buy these for me. In a way made me realise how much older i am now when i paid for them myself. I did give the red one to my magseven team mate Nazrul just cause I knew he would love it and he does. Now I keep my eyeliners and lip liners and small eyeshadows in them. Hahahahahahaha! Do you remember what kind of pencil box you had in school ?

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Nana Farhanna said...

i remembered using the typical kotak pensil besi dua tingkat...! they made a good self-defence item too. i used to bully the boys, having the pencil boxes thrown at them whenever they bother me or my girls. haha ;P