Thursday, March 11, 2010

'not in the mood' is not a good excuse...

Yesterday towards the end of the day, about the time I have to get ready to go for bootcamp training, i was sooooooo not in the mood to go. I felt really comfortable sitting in the air-conditioned office working on my laptop.
But then I reminded myself, 'not in the mood' is not a good excuse for not going to training...
so very reluctantly, I packed up my stuff and drove to the training field.
And the session was really hard.
But all of us in the group survived. As we always do.
And I am surprised at how much more I can do now compared to when I started to 2 and a half months ago.
As one of my trainers told me before, 'there is no way you cannot benefit from exercise'.
So I will continue to persevere. Eventhough there are times when I may not be in the mood.
:) :)

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