Sunday, March 07, 2010

My favourite Oscar's red carpet looks....

Yes, I know I am always attracted to the sequinned and embellished dresses. I can't help but wonder how much this dress weighed. I have a fully sequinned baju kurung which weighs 3kg so I think dress will be about 4kg because of the train at the back.

Jennifer Lopez looks like she has definitely lost all her preganancy weight. I love this dress eventhough is could look like a wedding cake but I think she made it work.

I like this dress but I think the colour is a bit pale for Demi Moore. But hey, how old is this woman? Isn't she getting close to 50? She looks fantastically fabulous. If I look half as good at her age I will be so happy. But she does work out a lot and there were stories at one point that she only eats raw food. I would love to know what her beauty secrets really are!

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