Sunday, March 21, 2010

more deaths..

Last week, my colleague who was my producer for the business program I was involved in last year titled 'Stockwatch' told me to read the newspaper about the death of one of the analysts we regularly interviewed. His name, Choon Khuat Hock. A really nice man who we always looked forward to seeing. Worse still, his death is a suspected murder case. My condolences to his family and colleagues.

Then on Friday, one of my husband's cats who was sick for a while died. I had to call my husband to inform him and bury the cat with my sister in law. Not a fun thing to do.

And then yesterday, I heard that Yanie, one of my dear friend's, Vernon aka Mr Manager and Ning's former artiste passed away due to a lung tumour.

Sigh, and yet life goes on for everyone....

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MsPea said...

yes.. My condolences to those passed away..
And sorry to hear about Yanie's death.. She was young and talented.. but panggilan Ilahi we can never stop it..