Monday, November 12, 2007

Gourmet food festival

About two weeks ago now I went to the launch of the Malaysian Gourmet Food Festival. I was so looking forward to it and couldn't wait to taste all of the yummy desserts.

The ballroom of the One World hotel was decorated quite beautifully with all of the different booths doing their best to out do each other's display.

I thought Tamarind Springs was the best though, with beautiful goddess like creature moving gracefully high above the crowds heads.

Some of the food was absolutely great... But I have to say I was disappointed with the desserts.


Because all the chocolate based desserts (which is the only kind of desserts I'm interested in!) had alcohol in them! And a lot of it too! They looked nice though.

And it was almost impossible to get just a simple glass of plain water. There was an absolute excess of wine, champagne and I don't know what other alcoholic drinks. Two of my friends who don't drink as well spent most of the night trying to get plain water to drink. We couldn't even get juice.

And do desserts REALLY have to have alcohol in them to taste good?!

Please, I just wanted a really good sinful chocolate dessert...

Maybe I should just go to Bakerzin to solve my chocolate craving.


zeti zainal said...

Hi Sasha...
Those desserts looked so tempting..
I love anything chocolate-y..
But, it was frustrating for you right? can only look but can't eat it..

Flo said...

Alco in chocs are never really my favorite thing. At times after dinner with friends, we would sip dessert wine and have a bit of chocolates to go with it. It tastes much better than the alco in the chocs.

My point is, you don't miss much if you give those alco-chocolates a miss. Chocolate on its own tastes so much better. :)