Thursday, November 15, 2007

Daywear vs Nightwear

I have come to the definite conclusion that I do not find day wear as inspiring as evening wear.


Because I always seem to want to buy more evening dresses, and I love glittering evening shoes....

One of my closest friends on the other hand though dresses so beautifully during the day and finds it so hard to buy evening wear.

I have more evening and glittering shoes and bags than suitable practical day items. I love embroidered dressing gowns in velvet and chiffon too. I would rather wear something like that to lounge around the house in!

I'm going to blame my mother for this. Because all of the fashion shows my mother took me too when I was 5 were evening wear fashion shows. I thought that's how women are ALWAYS supposed to dress.

Really, why not?

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