Thursday, October 18, 2007

South Africa - Majalah 3, finally on air!

Finally, after weeks of me sharing stories and photos from South Africa, it's going to go on air very soon!

Above is photo of me with the car I drove along the Garden Route while I was there as part of the winners group of Shell's Made to Move competition. It was an awesome car to drive!

I have to thank and give a big congratulations to Shell for this trip. Usually I'm always sceptical about competitions, are they really real? Do these big prizes really exist?

With Shell, I know they really do! It was a fantastic trip and now you will get to see it!

And, I have another competition! You're going to LOVE this prize.....

5 lucky winners will win a RM50 Shell petrol voucher! (Thank you Shell)

And the question is - Name 4 locations we visited while in South Africa.

First 5 emails with the correct answers emailed to will win. Please also include your Full name, IC number, Postal address and handphone number.

So don't forget to watch

Majalah 3

Saturday, 9 pm

20th October 2007

exclusively on TV3

And just to share with you some photos of the director and cameraman with me on this trip, Fadli Mazlan. Fadli and I worked together on Beauty Secrets from the East as well. I think he has done a fantastic job on this documentary.
Fadli and I call these pictures 'gambar bukti buat kerja' (photos proving we're doing our job)

And the lovely guy with Fadli and I in this photo is Ben. Thank you Ben for looking after us so well...


sensei said...

Saw you on MHI this morning..
Selamat Hari Raya! :)

mad redo1 said...

I managed to catch the show before the Arsenal vs Bolton match last night. Now South Africa is on my list as a place that I want to visit.

luxen said...

My tripod!