Sunday, October 28, 2007

red shoes

When my cousin's little girl was over at my house recently, she happened to see my red shoes. She kept pointing to the shoes and to her dress, indicating that my shoes would match better with her dress than the ones she was wearing.

To her parents, I do not accept responsibility for her aking you to buy her red shoes to match her dress!


niza said...

sasha, i love your red shuz..
the design & colour is awesome :)

umi ameer said...

bebudak pun pandai nak match up the colour ek?

Manis74 said...

Actually i like the high chair instead of the shoes.I bought one similar but very old high chair from the antiques and painted it myself in dark green.

Now sit in my little boy room...heheh..sorry cant help myself not to tell you about it.