Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Friday - 10th November

I go to work and start to make sure I have everything i need for the big event I am part of in Putrajaya. It's a songket related event and TV3 personalities were in attendance as we were to present songket on stage. I leave Sri Pentas with four other people involved in the event, and it took us almost 2 hours to get there when realy it could have taken us only 45 minutes at the most. why? our driver got lost!


Nevermind, we finally got there and the ballroom looked vey grand with huge material draped throughout. time for a rehearsal. us tv3 personalities were to walk out on stage individually with the songket elegantly draped over our arms. that took some practice..

rehearsal done, hair and make up... lovely TV3 make up artist Mupinder did beautiful make up for me in record time! about half and hour. My hair took forever though! I couldn't figure what they were doing. I was expecting some ornate hair do with the amount of time it was taking. but at the end of an hour of sitting and having my hair pulled, twisted, hair sprayed and pinned, from the front it looked totally simple to me!!! What took SO LONG?! My colleagues then proceeded to tell me that the back look gorgeous ... very detailed. So of course when I found Mahazir, the tv3 photographer, I asked him to take a picture...
hmmm... without the flowers, it still looks like it should have taken a lot less time. When I touched it, I began to dread how long it would take to take all the hair pins out come through the hair spray when I got home at night.

anyway, it's all about the overall look right? So here is a front picture...

The function was very grand. Just to prove how grand, our Prime Minister and his Deputy were in attendance.
I love looking at what people wear. It gives me ideas on what to do and what not to do with my own wardrobe! As always, there were people who were over dressed, beautifully dressed, under dressed, badly dressed and I saw someone wear a beautiful armani top I would love. I tried it on in the boutique a few weeks and it looks gorgeous but alas, the price tag would not allow me to buy it... sob sob!

Whenever I do a show, my greatest fear is actually falling over flat onto my face.... well, none of us did that.... phew!

Once our duties were done and the event was over, time to return our clothes to the wardrobe assistants and make our way back to TV3 in the tv3 van. As everyone else started to fall asleep (it was well after midnight!) I began the tedious task of taking out my hair pins and flowers in my hair. 32 hair pins in total. I counted.... my hair then resembled a bird's nest.

it took me two hours to prepare for bed. I'm very diligent and thorough about removing make up and any hair spray/ gel from myself before bed after event. Realistically, none of it is good for you....

however, i knew this was not the last of hair spray and hair pin madness I would face....

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yel said...

hi sasha!

u look amazing in dat white songket.tot of wearing dat on my engagement day wif d same hairstyle..:-)

get well soon dear!