Wednesday, November 15, 2006

my fashion catwalk 'debut'!

I never thought this would EVER happen but this week I was involved in KL Fashion Week and had the opportunity to actually walk the catwalk for designer Richard Tsen!

I've always admired models. They look so graceful and ethereal as they glide down catwalks wearing to die for gowns..... Some so beautiful I might sell Skitso for them!

I haven't received all the photos taken of me on the catwalk yet, but they are coming! In the meantime though, please go to click on KL Fashion Week and you will see a list of videos from this event. I'm featured in 3 videos on this site. One, I'm being interviewed with Marion Caunter however they didn't write my name, they just wrote 'Marion and model'. The second one I'm in is of Richard's fashion show. And the last one is in the video of the launch night.

I doubt you will recognise me. I don't even recognise myself! In the video of Richard's show, it starts of with a short performance by a diva and I'm the first 'model' out after that performance. Wearing red dress, with gold belt and later in the same video, I come out wearing a fully purple sequinned dress with fur like trim at the bottom.

There is SO much to write, like what REALLY happens back stage, what I've learnt, and lots of photos... bear with me.. it's all coming... view the videos first!

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