Monday, July 15, 2013

Would you like a Baju raya from the exclusive Orked by Jovian Mandagie for Tesco collection?

At this time I know pretty all of us are asking ourselves 'what is my Baju raya going to be this raya season ?'

I absolutely love this Orked by Jovian Mandagie collection that has been done exclusively for Tesco and I want to help you to get one of them as your Baju raya. 

So I am going to give 2 lucky winners RM 200 vouchers each so you can go to one of the Tesco stores that stocks the collection and choose your own Baju raya!

Just email into the following details with email subject 'orked'

Name, IC number, handphone number, postal address

Better email in quickly !! 

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