Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Anyone who loves their clothes as much as I do knows that looking after them properly is essential to keeping your beautiful purchases in perfect condition for many many years.

I'm sure many of you have had experiences where a piece of clothing you love is either ruined by the dry cleaners or it got burnt when you ironed it.

I was first introduced to Laurastar products when I interviewed Pierre from Laurastar and he gave a wonderful demonstration on how effectively and quickly the Laurastar can iron your clothes. I fell in love with it immediately !!!

With Raya celebrations not far away, now is the time to not only think about what is your baju raya going to be this year but also how are you going to iron them so that you look perfectly polished on the day. 

When I decided I must have the LAURASTAR pulse , I also decided I must do the long overdue mini renovation I have been meaning to do in my laundry !

So I did..... I have a nice orange coloured laundry now with THE BEST iron I have EVER had !

Laurastar products are distributed in Malaysia exclusively by Visionary Solutions.

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