Saturday, August 11, 2012

Turban style

I have always liked the very glamorous look of the turban. When I think of turbans the two first things that come to mind are majestic Indian Maharajahs and Elizabeth Taylor who favoured the style.

Over the years the style has appeared in may different ways and can 
be worn by both men and women of any age.

Miuccia Prada also included the look in her Spring 2007 show. That is a few years ago now but it is a look that is timeless.

So one day recently when I saw some of my silk scarves which I never use, I thought to myself, 'I must figure out and learn how to use these.'

 So I went onto youtube and started searching for videos on how to tie scarfs and started trying out a few different styles and love how easy it it to change your look with just a square piece of cloth. This was my first look wearing a self tied turban and I went to my friend's child's birthday party and many complimented me on the look.

I also had a two toned bawal scarf my friend Datin Juma gave to me a while ago as a present and starting experimenting with that too. I realised her designs work really well too because of the different tones on the fabric when you tie it up you get nice different shades. To add a bit of bling just add a brooch to the front.

I then visited her push cart at the Curve and bought all the ones I like, which was quite a lot ! She has so many different colours and she has ones that are two toned, three toned, 
mixed colours - lots to choose from!

One of her latest designs is called Bawal 205 and this design is brilliant because the different colours along the sides of the scarf mean that you can fold it four different ways and you will get four different colour combinations. Yay! This is Datin Juma modelling the different ways she wears the Bawal 205.

( all photos of Datin Juma credited to her facebook page - Tudung Aidijuma )

And this is me trying out some different ways of tying it up, as both a full turban, half style turban and another one where I tie it around my ponytail too. It's all the same scarf but just folded in different ways so you get the different colour combinations.

 As a special gift for Raya, I have three Aidijuma Bawal 205 scarves to giveaway ! Yay !

For a chance to win one of these, please email to

1 - email title - Aidijuma Bawal 205
2 - your name
3 - postal address
4 - ic number
5 - handphone number

 Winners will be notified by email and you will receive tracking number once your gift is sent out.

Good luck and all the best ! 

Start experimenting and playing around with your scarves at home for different looks and interpretations of the stylish turban ! Like I mentioned earlier, for lots of great videos just search on you tube.

To find out more about Aidijuma visit her facebook page - Tudung Aidijuma.
Website -
and the two locations I know of where you can easily find her kain tudung
or scarves is at the curve and central market


cacah said...

love the way you style the scarfs. and thanks for sharing the Datin Juma's way of styling the scarf.

Naj Fatihah said...

Just found your blog..
so nice to see ur styling as well..
btw, i'm also trying my luck to win one of those aidijuma 205.. :)