Thursday, August 09, 2012

20 by Rizalman at Tesco

One day just recently, I went to Tesco to get some groceries when suddenly as I was walking in I saw a bunting which read '20 by Rizalman for Tesco'.

What?! Rizalman, one of my favourite Malaysian designers has done a collection for Tesco ?!!
Oh my God! I have become even more blur since baby. How could I not know about this?!

I quickly looked around their apparel section and found the collection.

I loved what I saw. And immediately knew I would be leaving Tesco with more than just a few groceries.

There are 12 designs in this collection which is a special collaboration between Rizalman and Tesco for Raya 2012 and it is to celebrate his 20 years in the Malaysian fashion industry.

I bought a few and as soon as I got home I checked online to see all his designs.

 I am so glad he did this much more affordable and accessible collection for his fans and also for general lovers of fashion and style who love getting glammed up and what better time than this festive Raya period. All prices range from RM 180 - 250

These are my personal favourite pieces from the collection. They are all classic, modern yet glamourous styles which can be worn for years. And cause the fabric is all polyester fabrics, I don't have to worry about my baby drooling or throwing up on me cause I can just easily hand wash the clothes and they will be fine. I think about these kinds of things more now since baby. All you mothers reading this I know you know what I am talking about! I know my son is going to try and pull the bows off. Sigh.

And the cuts of all of the clothes are nice. I tried on the skirts and love how they fit me just perfectly.
So happy to see Rizalman managed to keep the cuts of the clothes nice even with much cheaper fabrics.


I also really, really, really want these two but alas, i have tried looking for them and after having someone check for me, they told me the two words i really hate to hear when I want something.


Sob sob sob... cry cry cry...

(i tahu tak guna sedih ke merajuk ke sebab tetap sold out... but still...waaaaah!)


Anyway the four baju kurungs I do have from this collection are now hanging in my wardrobe,
 waiting to be worn.

YAY !!!

So there is still time, but I don't suggest you wait too long. Check out your nearest Tesco now!


cacah said...

but i heard everywhere... semua dah sold out~~

Julia Mahir said...

Good to know that there are affordable Rizalman's outfit for us!!