Thursday, October 20, 2011

I met Anya Hindmarch again!

In a very exclusive and small private event, I had the opportunity to meet one of my favourite designers, Anya Hindmarch for the third time.

She is here to launch her new store in KLCC and the exclusive Belvedere tote in limited edition gold which is exclusive to Malaysia. Each Belvedere special arrives in its own exclusive box with a tag embossed with your initials.

This time I came well prepared. I brought 4 of my Anya evening clutches and am sooooo happy that Anya was so kind to autograph all of them! Yay!

An example of her signature in one of my bags.

And a little note especially for me. When she saw my bags she said 'oh wow! you have all these!'

'Please do bags like this again!' I replied...

'There are plans too...' she said sweetly.


And I am keeping an eye on her glittering Valorie clutches. So sparkly and pretty!

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Wangi74 said...

I got a purse aka look like a clucth..belipun kat coolah dapat jumpa one of the designer..