Thursday, May 13, 2010

For the winners of the Guerlain Le 2 Mascara giveaway..

To the winners of the Guerlain giveaway, look at all the cool stuff you are getting!
Now I am jealous too!

The mascara texture is just beautiful and the lipstick is something I have never seen before. It is in really elegant casing and when you open it, the cover part flips open to display two small mirrors for you to apply your lipstick!

And blue is the new 'in' colour for mascara. I am waiting for a chance to try it too!

Your great items are on the way and you should receive
them by the end of next week.

Ladies, take a few moments to read about these great products!

Extravagant volume, sublime curl and shine: THE NEW LE 2 DE GUERLAIN VOLUME is increasing its wealth of talents to fulfil even our most demanding dreams of perfection. An extra volume version, the perfect all-in-one that fills out the lashes and defines their curves with unprecedented depth: the lashes are confidently curled and coated in a luminous vinyl finish.
Two brushes, two techniques, two formulas; two make-up steps for oversized lacquered volume.

Step 1: insolent volume
A new rich and voluptuous mascara formula for generous volume and dizzying curves:
make-up worthy of a true artist. The signature of the LE 2 DE GUERLAIN mascaras: a supple, fluid texture in which most of the waxes have been replaced by glossier, less opaque polymers for optimal intensity. And to offer even more outrageous volume and extreme curves, Guerlain has incorporated an innovative combination of two polymers chosen for their complementarity into this new version. The first, in the form of a dense, glossy oil, gives the formula body and loads the lashes to the max for instant volume. The second is a solid that forms a supple and elastic long-lasting film to beautifully curve and coat the lashes.

The result: a texture that can be endlessly layered to create adjustable volume and phenomenal
curves without any stiffness or heaviness. Even easier to apply, it glides on extremely smoothly.
To optimise the formula’s effects, a new brush that fills out, separates and curls every lash at a
- its hollow fibres create a reservoir effect for optimal pick-up,
- and their criss-cross arrangement catches all of the lashes for an impeccably groomed result.
The formula stretches from the root to the tip without clumping, giving a curved and perfectly
defined fringe of lashes.

Step 2: enhanced by an alluring vinyl effect
An original lacquer formula specially developed to give intense colour.
Like a top coat for nails, this smooth and glossy texture is applied over the entire surface
of the lashes after mascara. It provides them with a spectacularly intense coat, offering
additional shine and a long-lasting finish.
Two technological innovations from Guerlain at the hear t of this formula that over turn the
codes of mascara:
- no wax: it thus has a glossy, crystalline texture that gives full expression to the colour
of the pigments, which are evenly dispersed and enhanced, unlike traditional mascara
- a very high concentration of vinyl effect polymer gels: more than 25% compared to
12% in a conventional mascara formula. On drying, these gels form a film that traps
the pigments on the lash, setting the colour and curl.
A surprising little foam applicator, ingeniously ideal for applying this unique texture from Guerlain, requires a new application technique that is revolutionising eye make-up. Like a miniature paint roller, its soft, round tip coats all of the lashes down to the smallest, for maximum curve and intense colour.
A simple, stunning, quick and easy step for an instantly fascinating, striking and powerful gaze.

Application tips from Olivier Échaudemaison, Creative Director
“Your life-long dream of thicker, cur ved lashes with a flick of the wrist is
now child’s play. This mascara’s texture is so fluid and easy to apply that
it can be added as you wish in endless layers. To achieve even more
intense colour and volume taken to its height, apply the lacquer at the
base of the lashes and stretch the mascara outwards. This subtle touch of
sophistication instantly creates a glamorous killer gaze. The lashes take on
incredible density and thickness. This lacquer adapts to your ever y desire:
used for touch-ups at any time of day, to add a glamorous touch in the
evening, or as an eye-liner, it creates a strikingly powerful gaze. It is ready for anything"

An amazing mascara, an innovative lacquer from Guerlain.
Highly acclaimed results*

An intense gaze for 87% of women
Curved lashes for 90% of women
Amplified lashes for 84% of women
Constant shine all day long for 84% of women

So ladies, what are you waiting for?!
Visit your nearest Guerlain counter!


Niza @ Anis said...

goshhh!they are so lovely!couldn't wait!thanks a bunch shasha! =)

liyana said...

wow!! cool ;)
tqvm. can't wait! :)

Seri Mastura said...

alaa..i'm jealous for those who will receive this makeup! hehe.

Nana Farhanna said...

cool...~!!! i didnt notice the competitionn.. next time maybe..