Sunday, December 21, 2008

roasting coffee beans..

i don't usually drink coffee, but while on one of our trips, I was taught how to roast coffee beans.

The beans are put in the funnel in the top, the big part in the centre is where it's heated then i pulled the lever and they all came out.

It smelt so good!


the Razzler said...

Sasha.. bila nak belanja minum Kopi? hehe :) :)

Harry's said...

jgn lupa bawak balik kopi randit tu yer...kekekeke

TV3 Union President said...

It's cold overthere ke? coz u wearing a leather jacket. U kat negara mana tu? U r very lucky to travel a lot kan.

Syazsy said...

coffee? hrmmmmmm some are addicted to it.