Saturday, September 01, 2007

Beauty Secrets from the East - episode 12

Beauty Secrets from the East
Episode 12
Monday - 7.30 pm
exclusively on TV3


My sincere pologies to all of you about our technical error 2 weeks ago during the interview with Wan Aishah Wan Nawawi.... where the subtitles didn't come up...

We have rectified it and it is going to be re shown this week before the montage so if you really want to see it, make sure your tv is on before 7.30pm!.. hope you watch it....

Competition question time!

Name the 4 countries I visit in this episode trying facial care remedies....

You know what to do!

Email answers and all your details to

Prize is Secret Garden's Orient set...

Looking forward to hearing from you...

(sorry no pics... difficult internet access... will explain soon!... thank you for understanding!)

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BarryNg said...

Hi Sasha,
Happy 50th Merdeka.
Just drop a note to inform U happenings in Holland Days in Malacca. U could go to for more info and photos.TQ