Thursday, December 07, 2006

Joberg and Tippex

As you know, I lost my dear little Kira a while ago. He was a dear companion to me and also my other cat Skitso. After he died, it was very obvious Skitso missed him. She would walk around the lounge room every night where they used to play by chasing each other around the room and look very lost. It is very heart breaking to see that.

So my brother and I teamed up and brought home two cats from PAWS.

Below is Tippex. I named him this name because his paws are tipped white. He looks a bit fierce in this picture but he's really not.

And this is Joberg, short form for Johannesberg in Africa. Doesn't she look like a gorgeous little African animal?! now she is much for fierce than Tippex!

Their personalities have already started to show. Tippex miaows a lot... about nothing. Joberg can't really miaow.. she has a very hoarse like miaow which is so forced. But she can move fast! I've seen her climb up the fly wire screens up to seven feet high in seconds! Tippex eats less than Joberg though... Joberg finishes Tippex's food... and they both have the most beautiful fur.

They really smelt bad when we brought them home so my brother, sister and I teamed up to give them a bath. With L'Occitane shampoo no less..... they smell great now! We tried to blow dry Joberg with my hair dryer, she really hated it and I ended up getting very badly scratched... I couldn't get mad at her....

Skitso of course was very upset when they first came home. I don't blame her. This house is her territory. But she is slowly getting used to seeing them here.

There is also something I would like to highlight here. If you can, please adopt a cat from PAWS. They are abandoned animals whose only hope of a better life than being in cages in someone like you reading this now coming over and taking one home. Another very sad fact is that many cats and kittens are put down because no one wants them. Honestly, I don't think they are that hard to look after and it is very rewarding to see their little personalities coming through. Also, when you take them from PAWS, they have already been dewormed and neutered which I know can cost almost 300 ringgit to do at a vet. And to take them home, you only need to make a donation of 50 ringgit per cat.

I have great admiration for the people who work at PAWS. To do their job, they have to love animals, but because they do, I'm sure their hearts are broken many times over when they have to make they painful decision of putting animals to sleep (forever!) cause no one wants them. I could NEVER do their job. I would end up having to take anti depressants.

If you can't take an animal home, please make a donation. Old newspapers to line they cages, gloves so they can clean the place, cleaning liquids, toys for the animals to play with... anything will be a great help....

And all pet owners out there, please neuter you cats. If you want more cats, just go to PAWS. Plenty there!


wayne zooney said...

Wow!!cutenye kitten tu.tak ubah macam tuannye jugak ye,haha.

Mr. Manager said...

You sure do come up with some interesting pet names!

Anonymous said...

Hi, you've adopted 2 beautiful looking cats. I have 3 cats at home, all rescued from the streets, 2 of them when they were 1 day n 1 month old respectively. I loved them dearly. They never leave my apt cos I don't want to lose them. I have lost 1 beautiful cat to feline aids and it was so heartbreaking. Can't bear the thought of losing another. Agreed with u that everyone should adopt a cat, n neuter them please. I'm from Singapore n we've got plenty of stray cats. Every year, about 60,000 had to be put down. Didn't know M'sia has the same problem too. All the best to your furballs.