Saturday, June 22, 2013

Carrie Junior detangling shampoo

I'm sure many of your are familiar with Carrie products. I know I remember them for my childhood. So it was a pleasure to be invited to their recent event where Carrie Junior have launched a new product which the detangling hair shampoo.

There were beautiful ballerinas, celebrity mums Sharifah Sofia and Natasha Hudson. There was also a demo of how to style little girl's hair and guests could make their own hair clips.

I Couldn't help myself and smelt all the products and I realised that its these products that they use at my son's day care centre. No wonder he always smells so cute and yummy when I pick him up ! I've been wondering what products they use. Now I know ! Yay !

And especially for u, my dear readers, I have a special giveaway of Carrie junior products for u.

Just email in to the following details

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And you could be one of the lucky winners ! Even if you don't have children, you will love these products too. I share the products with my son too. :)

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ainaaamira. said...

My favourite of Carrie Junior is the groovy grapeberry! It smells so good on everyone. :D