Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Maternity fashion tips I have learnt

Above is the gorgeous and pregnant Miranda Kerr on the cover of Vogue Australia. I never looked this good while pregnant (I bet she doesn't look like this either while throwing up with morning sickness) but I have learnt along the way a few tips and tricks which do help.

1) - wear dark colours
black is fantastic, so is dark blue. anything printed or colourful makes me feel like a walking sofa.

2) - wear big jewellery
big necklaces, big earrings, big bangles. I call doing this 'fashion diversion'. Basically the big necklace or earrings you are wearing, the more bling bling the better, diverts attention away from expanding stomach, butt.... well, let's face it, EVERYTHING expands!

3) - wear long one piece maxi dresses
very comfortable, makes you look longer. I haven't worn a pair of pants in months. I didn't even buy a pair of maternity pants. Actually, I didn't buy any maternity clothes. just about 6 black maxi dresses that i keep changing and wearing different jewellery with.

4) - wedges
if you really want to wear high heels, at least make them wedges. chances of falling over are less. except from about month 7 onwards, when only black slippers seem to be the most comfortable thing to wear. I haven't worn high heels in months either. SOB!!!

5) - wear supportive underwear
the body shape wear at Uniqlo is great. hides bulges well. :)

6) - wear a belt
I have one black elastic belt which I have worn so much during pregnancy. wear it on the maxi dress, just under bust line to create nice empire line. adds shape to silhoutte so i don't look like walking black mountain. well, ast least reduces it... hahahahahahah!

7) - doing hair and make up helps
yes, it's the last thing i felt like doing sometimes, but just a bit of powder, mascara and lip gloss and tying hair into high ponytail with a nice glittering hair clip helps make you look presentable, eventhough i definitely didn't feel like presenting anything sometimes. :)

8) - kaftans
the most comfortable thing to wear at home. pregnant or not!


Hajarul Falenna said... current picture of ur tummy...:(

Myrantings said...

can you share where you bought the maxi dresses that u wore during pregnancy?
thank you so much