Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stopped by Zara after work.
I always find items I love in Zara, but when I saw these shoes,
I knew I could not leave the store without them.

Only one problem.

My usual shoe size of 37, now feels a bit small.
I always buy size 37 shoes at Zara.
But then again, when pregnant, feet swell right?

As I'm standing in Zara, wearing these shoes that feel small,
I call one of my most trusted friends who is
now pregnant with baby number 3.

"Hi, random but important question.
Feet swell during pregnancy right?
So theoretically I should buy my usual shoe size so after baby
I can wear them cause my feet will go back to previous size? "

"I have heard of people who's feet don't go back down,
but I think yours will. If you can't get your feet into them at all
then maybe get next size, but since you're wearing them
and they just feel a bit small, should be fine" my friend assured me.

So now these shoes are waiting at home in a box.

I'm noticing this style of shoe is coming back. A nice alternative to the platform style
popularised by Louboutin designs that has been worn by fashionistas the world over.

Eventually, everything changes. One day all those expensive Louboutins will be stored in storerooms somewhere where they can't be seen as they have gone out of style.

Few years later, it will come back then...

That's fashion...

1 comment:

cacah said...

sasha dear...i've spent that voucher you gave... tq...

hopefully you could fit into that shoe later... it's beautiful...

anyway, i guess your feet will be smaller again... i hope so... a real case of someone's feet who goes back to pre-maternity size is my mum... she's given birth to 8 of us yet her feet stay the same, small size of 4...

hee ;) have a great day!